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Even if some women are inclined to be cruel, many of them also do not want to make a scene.

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But let me tell you this, dating is not exclusive to the younger ones!In fact, singles over 50 years old still have a high chance of having the time of their lives using online dating services. I’ve listed four tips which will definitely help you out. If this is your first time to make use of online dating sites, it is best if you choose an online dating site with a very large population and while you maintain a profile in that site, also set up a profile is a site used by targeted users, i.e.those within your age group (if you are interested to date an opposite sex as old as you are) or those who reside in the same locality.dealing with rejection is largely a mental exercise.It's not about changing your pick up line or having a better smile (although those are also important).

What's important is how you structure your mind to deal with certain failures.

Having said that, the first thing that you will have to understand is that not all women are the same.

Even the most well thought out relationship advice cannot help you if the type of girls you talk to simply aren't that into you.

Even under the best of circumstances, there's always a big chance that the girl will not respond favorably to your advances, either because of personal problems or simply because of her own personality.

In this sense, meeting a new girl is somewhat like gambling because nothing is certain and you won't know how things turn out until they've run their course.

Most women won't actually slap your face or make a pithy remark about your manhood (although that can happen in certain cases).