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After more than 50 years of the torque converter and the thousands of different models available for foundations, there are two secrets we apply to the high performance version we produce today: Welcome to our Car of the Week series, where we feature BTE customers and fans, and the cars (and trucks) they love to drive and race.This week, we return to our feature with the runner up in our recent [epic!

Round 3: Those Final 4 will compete in groups of 2 to find our finalists. Welcome to our Car of the Week series, where we feature BTE customers and fans, and the cars (and trucks) they love to drive and race. I purchased the car from Milt Gedo, who was a former Super Comp champion and was then racing at Bandimere Speedway.

Final Round: Two finalists battle it out for the grand prize (a BTE torque converter or BTE product of equal or lesser value). Not only is he an excellent racer, he also always makes time to help with any issues at the track my car may be having. While we've had many a make and model, today is a first for this series: a woman! Dragster in 1995 when he was 12, the 2nd year that NHRA had the program. Douglas Motorsports Park, Douglas, Wyoming, in June, 1998. I was told that the car had been originally built for Jerry Fritz as his personal car, but then sold when he didn't have time to race it. We just call it 'The Dragster.'What's under the hood?

We’ll post 2 first rounds a day (for a total of 8 days, skipping weekends and Labor Day). We'll post a status message with the name of the round's contestants and post their photos in the comment section. I use a BTE Powerglide transmission with pro brake. I chose BTE for my trans after several local veteran racers recommended BTE products. Give a warm welcome to Kathy Porter of Kimball, Nebraska and her Fritz RED dragster. After he ran for a few years, I had so much fun with the Jr. 545 Ford, injected with E98 Ethanol Which BTE products do you use in your vehicle? BTE was the only transmission builder that would talk to me about the correct converter to use with a big block Ford (and I called all of them). Melanie Troxel, Karen Stouffer, Gary Scelzi, Alan Johnson If money were no object, what would you drive?

As we mentioned before, every racing torque converter built today (even the ,000.00 billet aluminum lock ups used in Pro Mods) has its designs rooted in an OEM torque converter.

The popular 8" torque converter is based on design from Opel that is more than 30 years old, and the popular 10" 258mm and 265mm billet converters are based on designs used by Cadillac for its Northstar series vehicles.

During the course of the next several weeks, we are going to highlight some of our most popular products.We'll show you how they're made, why they stand out and feature some of our favorite racers using these products every weekend in their cars.We recently gave away a torque converter to Derek Lewis, winner of our first social media Wheel Stand Tournament. A torque converter multiplies torque and acts as a fluid coupler.There's a reason we chose this BTE product: It's one of our best and most popular items, and most importantly, it really does help people win races. It is a complex assembly of stamped, machined and welded steel.(A great beginners guide to the operation can be found here.) In racing and high performance, we rely on the foundations set by the automotive manufacturers.Every race torque converter today and since the beginning has been based on a torque converter originally developed by General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and others.