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The files can be on the host machine or on a remote computer. VMware Workstation creates a file for each 2GB of virtual disk capacity and virtual machine overhead.

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Note: To use SCSI disks in a Windows XP or Windows .

NET Server virtual machine, you need a special SCSI driver available from the download section of the VMware Web site at

Follow the instructions on the Web site to use the driver with a fresh installation of Windows XP or . A virtual disk of either type can be stored on either type of physical hard disk.

Like a physical computer, a VMware Workstation virtual machine stores its operating system, programs and data files on one or more hard disks.

Unlike a physical computer, VMware Workstation gives you options for undoing changes to the virtual machine's hard disk.

The New Virtual Machine Wizard (on Windows hosts) or Configuration Wizard (on Linux hosts) creates a virtual machine with one disk drive.

You can use the Configuration Editor (Settings Configuration Editor) to add more disk drives to your virtual machine, to remove disk drives from your virtual machine or to change certain settings for the existing disk drives.

This section describes the choices you can make in setting up hard disk storage for your virtual machine.

In the most common configurations, VMware Workstation creates virtual hard disks, which are made up of files that are typically stored on your host computer's hard disk.

In some circumstances, you may need to give your virtual machine direct access to a physical hard drive on your host computer - using the disk type known as a raw disk.

A virtual disk is a file or set of files that appears as a physical disk drive to a guest operating system.