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I know without having to think about it that my husband loves me and is there for me. The other day I came home stressed out and my husband offered to give me a head and shoulder rub. Not only did it feel good to my tense muscles, but as he rubbed, I felt my entire system calm down.So that neck and shoulder rub wasn't just physically therapeutic, it was emotionally therapeutic.

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The big news: couples who live together cannot gain those same benefits.The Guide To Dating Smart And Finding The Love Of Your Life We've known for a long time that a good marriage is better for you than being contentedly single.It is well documented that married couples gain significant health, economic, and quality of life benefits.But we haven't had research that documents the difference between marrying and living together, regarding those same benefits, not until now.Here's what researchers at the University of Virginia found, and what it means for you.

If you're "just living together," your brain knows that it's not the same thing as being married.

Using functional MRIs (f MRIs), the researchers found that people have a decreased reaction to stress when holding the hand of a married partner.

But when the hand they hold is that of a live-in partner, their reaction to stress is significantly higher. Date Like A CEOOne of the most important aspects of a good relationship is that you feel safe with your partner, that you believe your partner has your back and is really there for you.

Getting married signifies the highest level of commitment.

It conveys to both of you that you are willing to throw all of it in together — your living space, your assets, your emotional vulnerability, your health and overall well-being.

There is no other relationship in which you commit to being together not just for years, but for decades, and in which you commit not to bail even if it is challenging.