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If you like, you can ask the manager of your area to invite the girl to your table.Be fast, because first call, first move, so don`t wait to long, if you like one of the dancers.When she come to your place, you can talk with her, invite her for a drinks or ask her for a lap dance or for a private dance.

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While you talk with her, you also can try to arrange to call her out later.They have a VIP-Level, so if you built up some relationship to the managers there, could be you will be invited upstairs.Some of the really hot girls work only in the vip area and never will be on stage downstairs. Since 2002 they offer high quality sexy dance shows and a lot of gorgeous girls on 3 levels. They have around 30 to 50 different girls each night.You can have a drink there, watch the girls, call one of the hotties for a private dance or lap dance.

As a special they also offer a PIP show, where the girl will dance behind the glass.And, most important, the Club is the best place in town, if you also want to stay the rest of the night with a sexy hot dancer.They have english speaking stuff, so no problem to communicate.Also most of the girls will be able to speak english.When you take place, you can watch the girls dancing on 3 pole stages.Every time when the song change, they will change the stage, the last girl will leave and a "fresh" girl will show up on the first stage.