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This is great question that I, living in Israel, think about every day.

Indeed, God has made consistent miracles for the Jews in Israel - the sandstorm that ruined the Nazi plan for Rommel's troops to invade from Egypt and wipe out Israeli Jewry in the 1940s; the five invading Arab armies repelled trying to exterminate Israel in May 1948, another four Arab armies decimated while trying to annihilate Israel in 1967, and the scud missiles that Saddam Hussein rained on Israel in 1991 with virtually no loss of life.

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God put us in a world of action, and He wants us to make the effort. " Rebbe Akiva answered: "God made poor people precisely in order that we should help them.

Helping others is what God wants us to do." We make our effort through the system God created called "nature." Of course, God can override that system, and when He does, we call it a "miracle." But God prefers to remain somewhat hidden, in order to preserve our quest to find Him.

There is a well-known story of a man who lived by a river.

A policeman warned him to evacuate because of a flood warning.

The man rejected the offer, saying, "I have perfect trust that the Almighty will save me." As the water rises, a rescue boat offers to take him to safety.

The man reaffirms his trust in God and refuses the ride.Finally, the man is sitting on his roof and a helicopter comes to rescue him.Again the man proclaims his trust and refuses the rescue. As he is brought in judgment before the Almighty, the man says, "God, I had perfect trust in you - how could you let me down?" The Almighty replies, "But, my son, I sent you a policeman, a boat and a helicopter!" So that's why we make every effort here in Israel to quell the violence through diplomatic channels, military means, and public pressure.On the other hand, we have to know that these efforts are not the true source of our salvation.