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accommodation, FB, Russian-speaking guide, excursions, recreation fee, transfers: from Oryol to Orlovskoe Polesie national park, Dom Lesnika hotel and return. Tourists can visit some springs and drink purest water from them.

Visitors walk along pine and fur-tree woods, meadow community, study their features, plants that grow only here, medicinal herbs, rare and protected plants.

is an excursion along equipped round-trip route through the forest with numerous nature objects of interest.

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It is possible to organize a performance of a folklore ensemble.

Wartime relics are also presented at the exposition.

Troitsk Optin monastery, the Bogorodichno-Vsesvjatsky convent painted with by well-known artist F. You will see a magnificent collection of subjects of country dating back to the end of XIX the beginning of XX centuries.

The tour to Orlovskoe Polesie is for those who want to forget stone jungles of the city and immerse into the Russian natures world, walk along the forest trails and watch animals. You can visit a wood grouse farm or just enjoy walking around and wildlife watching. Sights of interest: the museum of local lore, a museum named after Turgenev with its 5th branches are allocated: named after L.

A unique zoological garden is situated on the territory of Orlovskoe Polesie national park. You will get to know interesting facts about animal-inhabitants of open-air cages, their habits and lifestyle.

There you can watch animals both typical for the region (such as bear, wolf, fox, bison) and unusual ones (such as camel, guanaco and others). 11.30 -12.30 Excursion around Orlovskoe Polesie national park. 10.30 11.30 Excursion to the regional museum of Hotynets village. It will be interesting to see the places where Russian legends hero, Ilya Muromets, fought Solovey Razboynik and visit memorable places connected with Turgenevs life and work. Transfer to Orlovskoe Polesie national park, hotel Dom Lesnika. Unique nature of these places combines with rich historical and cultural heritage. The territory of Orlovskoe Polesie with its flora and fauna are unique for both Orlovsky region and Russia as a whole. 15.30 -16.30 Excursion to literary museum Turgenevskoe polesie. You can see bison, red deer, elk, roe, wild boar, lynx, badger and other animals there. It is located on both Oka river banks and its inflow - Orlik. The centre of the Oryol region, is situated in Central Russian Upland of the European part of Russia in 382 km to the south from Moscow.