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We provide affordable, custom website design services combined with marketing solutions and assistance.From our affordable web design packages and our "Pay as You Go" Search Engine Optimization services, we make obtaining personalized website and SEO services cost effective and easy so you can do away with "DIY" web design and marketing.Bay Area Graphics & Marketing offers a personalized approach into every aspect of the services we offer and clients who use our web design and marketing services have appreciated our efforts since 2001!

Florida business, you should consider every detail to ensure success.From the hosting company you choose to the initial website design phase and perhaps most importantly, your website marketing and website maintenance, we understand how each one will effect the future of your business.There are many award winning Tampa web developers who are charging top dollar for web design services.Interestingly as we looked closer into the sites they've developed, we've noticed that some of the most important features of site development were left out.For instance, we found that meta-data was not included in the majority of the sites and content was not optimized. An aesthetically pleasing website does not make for a well optimized and properly functioning website.

The average person may not know what to look for or how to check to see if their website developer did their job properly.

There are core features that should be included in every website design (i.e., meta data, titles, descriptions, etc., and other meta data found deep in the code.

) To pay thousands of dollars for a really pretty website that doesn't include the basic title and description tag (this is what shows up in Google results and used to rank a website and the first impression your potential client will see) is not acceptable.

We'll make sure that your images have the proper meta data for the search engines, and that your titles and descriptions are written properly with a call to action.

You'll get a great looking, well optimized site that is off to a good start online.

The bottom line is that just because the average person might not know what to check for to make sure they get more than just a pretty website, doesn't mean we're not going to do our job properly.