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Recognized as the world’s premier dating authority, David brings his extensive experience and coaching expertise to change the lives of thousands of singles everywhere by giving them real life dating advice.

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Better than what a dating pickup artist could ever offer, David’s dating products for men, dating products for women and ideas turn you into your own matchmaker, and will double your dating success whether you seek a relationship, some romance, or the love of your life.

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There are a lot of things today that can cloud a persons judgment in dating and with the help of a coach, you can remove that second guessing.How dating coach can help and improve a persons dating life?I am a firm believer that anything you want to get better at in life can be improved with the help of a coach.Sometimes all someone needs is a little guidance and someone to be accountable to and their dating worries lessen or disappear.Over past few years, do you see more need for dating coach guidance? With the increase in social media and the decrease in interpersonal communication, coaching is in much higher demand.People have lost the ability to communicate genuinely.