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Aside from cheating, there are other reasons why a relationship might go sour.

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No matter what the reason was for your breakup, if you still love and miss your ex-boyfriend, and you really want him back in your lifeā€”this simple blog can offer you some hidden treasures and approaches that may be able to net you back the love of your life.

Identifying What Went Wrong The importance of owning up for your actions and not playing the blame game and realizing that may have caused the breakup are essential in the healing process.

It is of good mind to evaluate yourself, your lifestyle and your tendencies, and see if any changes can be made that could allow for you win him back.

If you were recently involved in a committed and monogamous relationship, and now you suddenly find yourself single and hating it, there could be a wide array of reasons as to why the relationship failed.

Aside from the mental trauma that you may be experiencing, combined with the stresses of being single again, if you still love your ex-boyfriend and really want to win him back, there are some solid methods of approach that you can implement.

While no approach is going to guarantee you success, if you are really adamant about winning him back, there are some key things that go on in the minds of men when they have parted ways their girlfriends or significant others. The most common one, sadly, is that one party has cheated on the other.

From this standpoint we must first identify if cheating and breaking the bonds of trust were indeed a factor.

Did you cheat on your boyfriend, and did he find out and then break up with you?

Paramount to this would be the fact that there are many different aspects of the cheating process.

For example, in many instances a person will cheat on their lover with someone that they both know, such as a close friend of them both.

In such cases, winning back your boyfriend would be a very difficult prospect, because he did not only lose you due to the affair, but he also lost a friend.