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Summary: Learn about the tested performance and capacity limits of Share Point Server 2013 and how limits relate to acceptable performance.

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For information about current hardware and software requirements, see Hardware and software requirements for Share Point 2013.The capacity planning information in this document provides guidelines for you to use in your planning.It is based on testing performed at Microsoft, on live properties.However, your results are likely to vary based on the equipment you use and the features and functionality that you implement for your sites.This article contains information to help you understand the tested performance and capacity limits of Share Point Server 2013, and offers guidelines for how limits relate to acceptable performance.

Use the information in this article to determine whether your planned deployment falls within acceptable performance and capacity limits, and to appropriately configure limits in your environment.The test results and guidelines provided in this article apply to a single Share Point Server 2013 farm.Adding servers to the installation might not increase the capacity limits of the objects that are listed in the tables in the Limits and boundaries section later in this topic.On the other hand, adding server computers increases the throughput of a server farm, which might be necessary to achieve acceptable performance with many objects.In some cases, the requirements for high numbers of objects in a solution might require more servers in the farm.Note that there are many factors that can affect performance in a given environment, and each of these factors can affect performance in different areas.