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We can build up muscle and tone our bodies with workouts, but our nutrition reveals all the hard work we put in.

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TIP 1: Make my daily Bikini-Loving Lemon Elixir water I talk about this often but first thing every morning, I make my morning elixir that sets my day right, wakes up my body, gives me energy and cleanses out all the impurities!

It tastes so good to me now, kinda like a cleansing lemonade.

We know that drinking water is important, and this bikini drink amplifies that.

With summer nearly here, it can be an anxious time for us ladies (and guys too).

Feeling not thin enough, not fit enough, not toned enough not “whatever” enough; we’ve all been there.

Instead of focusing on the negative feelings, let’s focus on what we can do and how we can achieve the healthiest life possible – both physically and mentally.While it may take some work, this work will form us into the best versions of ourselves. When you believe in yourself and love your body, you can push through your limits, through whatever is holding you back.You can go that extra mile during a workout and be fueled from your own motivation.A healthy mind allows you to choose happiness and a can-do attitude over anything.A healthy body starts with nutrition and setting aside time to prep healthy meals before the work week starts.Fueling your body with wholesome plant based foods that make you feel healthy and balanced will help you reach your goals and feel energized while getting there!