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Webcam performers who take advantage of our features usually make it on the top page.Please take the time and go to our main site, look at the performers on the main page. If you are using a HD camera such as a Logitech or better, take the steps to set up your computer for HD.

Your fans love to hear the sound of your voice and sometimes your voice alone is what drives them over the edge.When you turn the sound on, it immediately boosts your status on the site and you will usually be placed within the top few pages.For an even better experience and a very high chance you will be placed on the main page at all times, take advantage of our phone feature. Only 10% of 1000 online performers use the phone feature.If you look especially on the first row of performers, you might see the phone icon above one or two performers at most.Most models do not use this feature but if you do, you will be placed on the first row at all times and that is when you start making a lot of money.

Here is how it works: When you build your Streamate profile, you will be given the option to add a phone number.

If you chose to add a number, it will NOT be available for the customer. When somebody takes you private and they want to call you, they will have the option to use this feature but only if you allow it.

They will click on the phone icon (on their page) and will be prompt to enter their own number.

When they enter their own number, both of you will receive a phone call from a third party number.

When you pick up, you will be put on hold briefly then you will be able to communicate with the customer.

Both your numbers are kept private and once they leave the chat, you will automatically be disconnected.