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Despite its location in the heart of Texas, Austin is one of the most welcoming places in the world for gay visitors and residents alike.

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Co-owner Larry Davis brings in a larger staff during these events to keep the madness under control.

On a typical weekend, though, Oilcan Harry’s is pure stupid fun, featuring non-stop dance music, karaoke nights, drag-queen contests and numerous charity events.

The back patio is a nice place to take a short break from the thumping music.

211 West 4th Street; (512) 320-8823With several indoor and outdoor areas, Rain on 4th is well designed for strolling, dancing and mingling.

A little more glam than most gay bars in town, Rain attracts a young and impeccably dressed crowd. 217 West 4th Street; (512) 494-1150Known for attracting the most diverse LGBT crowd in Austin, ’Bout Time can be a little jarring if you’re not prepared for a little bit of everything.

A DJ by the name of Filthy Rich keeps the crowd moving on most nights. Here you’ll find every race, size, age, gender and sexual orientation you can imagine.

What you won’t find is any hint of pretentiousness.

There’s plenty of space, indoors and on the patio, and a very friendly vibe. 6607 North Interstate 35; (512) 419-9192As the name suggests, this is a bar for big, burly, hairy bear men. Other theme nights involve specialized attire such as leather, military, latex and jock wear.

The actual percentage of bears varies widely from night to night, but the place always has the feel of a laid-back neighborhood bar. 121 West 8th Street; (512) 482-8993While the club bills itself as a gay bar, some regulars refer to it as simply an "inclusive" bar.

It's a multilevel dance club packed with all sorts of people.

The club frequently hosts fundraisers to benefit the LGBT community.