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Fortune Magazine will hold its 2017 Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou next year in late November or early December, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Alan Murray, announced at Canton Tower on September 13.

To spur the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department released the 16 new regulations, which are especially beneficial toforeigners working or studying in Guangdong.

Guangzhou Library recently opened a new branch library in Tianhe Bei.

The branch is located at the Experience Center of Vanke at the intersection of Tianhe Dong Road and Tianhe Bei Road and occupies an area of more than 500 square meters.

“Echoing the Canton Place with Music and Fun – 2016 World Music Season in The Canton Place”, organized by New World China Land Limited and The Canton Place,will take place from September 11 to November 25 in the Canton Place.

To provide greater convenience and efficiency for business enterprises and the public, the Nansha free trade zone is establishing government offices in both Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou and in Hong Kong.

Enterprises both foreign and domestic have been wooed by the "headquarters economy" of Guangzhou Tianhe central business district, as it strives to cater for high-end companies and high net-worth professionals.

Shenzhen, China's southern city neighboring Hong Kong, has announced a plan to build a skyscraper as high as 739 meters on the old site of Huanyu Tower in the newly designed Caiwuwei central financial district.

With a market-oriented business environment, broader access for foreign investment, and favorable policies to facilitate innovation, the Guangdong FTZ is attracting an increasing number of multinationals to set up business.

A Global Canton Fun International Moon Cake Festival was held August 27 to help foreign visitors learn more about Cantonese culture.

The event, sponsored by the Information Office of Guangzhou Municipality and the Guangzhou Restaurant.

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