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There's not always super crazy things happening [at the Sausage Castle]." She spends a lot of time watching TV with her housemates and lounging in boxers in her bedroom, which boasts a giant painting of an Illuminati eye."Regi sold her soul to the Illuminati," Mike said. "I tell the girls, 'Cock-block the shit out of them."That's why she's so viral right now."Regi's first introduction to the Sausage Castle happened two years ago. Don't give them anything they deserve because it's all about a reward system here.'"Regi never intended to move into the Sausage Castle. But the Castle has a gravitational pull for freaks like her.A couple of her guy friends invited her to one of Mike's events. She became one of the house's permanent attractions after another of Mike's raging parties.

Regi stumbled out of the car and, with nowhere else to go, walked back down the street back to the Sausage Castle.

She's been there ever since."That bitch is a vampire stripper," Mike said. Cigarettes, dicks, and cars with clowns can't kill her."Since she moved in, she's become the star of the Sausage Castle's performances and Mike's unofficial ratchet sidekick.

But she isn't the first "Busey Beauty" to steal the show.

This is the story of Ratchet Regi, the viral video queen and resident top partier of the infamous Sausage Castle party house.

I first encountered Regi last summer at the Gathering of the Juggalos, when I spotted her giving a 500-pound man a "lap-band dance." As a native Floridian, I have met tons of wild young women, but I have never met a girl quite like Ratchet Regi, the self-proclaimed "most ratchet stripper in Orlando." She plays with snakes, squirts chocolate out of her vagina, climbs poles at outdoor strip clubs, and teaches girls how to twerk, all while wearing librarian glasses.

The Kansas native is also the queen of the Sausage Castle, the pay-to-party house in Central Florida that specializes in throwing Bacchanalian bashes and is run by a fat Juggalo named Mike Busey.

I first encountered Regi last summer at the Gathering of the Juggalos, when I spotted her giving a 500-pound man a "lap-band dance." Da Mafia 6ix's DJ Paul posted a video of the smutty affair that went viral thanks to pickup from TMZ, MTV, and a bunch of other media outlets.

No one who knows Regi was surprised by that video or the fact that it was shared all over the internet.

When I visited her and Mike at the Sausage Castle in October, numerous residents extolled her indecency to me-and these were people who were used to a certain amount of raunch.

I heard stories in which her ratchetness reached mythic proportions-like the time she let her lesbian Sausage Castle roommate Kace fuck her with a Bud Light bottle during a Livestream broadcast as bait to ramp up their traffic.

But despite the salacious reputation, Regi describes her life as "very chill. '"She walked into the house thinking, Then she realized the Sausage Castle favors girls over men-Mike doesn't even like guys."I'm a diva about random dudes," Mike said to me while I was at the house.