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Right now you are tuning into the hottest new INDIE music on the planet! On Wednesday evening – Thursday morning, the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the day and night’s duration is equal, bringing balance to the earth. At the completion of this interview join us as we discuss this past week's world & national news . KEN O'KEEFE - activist, joins Joe Sottile for an hour to discuss recent controversy and his ongoing mission.

Once you host with BBS Radio, you will understand why we can't be beat in service or price! 530-876-9026 | [email protected] team soulmates Nancy Mc Moneagle, CEO of The Monroe Institute and world renown remote viewer Joseph Mc Moneagle speak to Detective David and Dr Lana love in a rare joint interview on Universal Soul Love Radio. The Sun transits from Virgo into Libra, initiating Autumn (in the Northern hemisphere).

This week on ‘Shadow Politics’ for the first half hour, the special guest is Russell Hirshon. AIRDATE: Monday 5-6pm Pacific/8-9pm ET September 19 Feel free to call in and participate during the show John will be travelling, Joe is guest hosting.

Upcoming on ET Yoga & LIVE from Brasov, Romania, a show that will center around "The Greatest Secret of the Millenium: Alien Base and Tunnels in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania".

The program will also link Atlantis, Thoth, Ra, the Great Pyramid, Giants, Pleiadians, the Giza Plateau and the Hall of Records. The son of an Air Force Officer and an Educator, at 20, Michael dropped out college to go into a business with his girlfriend.

After achieving modest business success, she suddenly passed away.

This event shook his self-confidence and generated doubts about his ability to achieve success that would not surface until he came face to face with an amazing career opportunity several years later, at the age of 26.

Thank you so much for my beautiful mini soul reading!

I was so excited when I heard you read my mail and give me the reading on the show.

I actually had tears in my eyes it was so beautiful:) thank you!!!

I'm super amped for the next four years to unfold as I step into my true self and let go of fear- thank you :) it was so perfect!

As you spoke of roses I looked next to me at my bottle of rose geranium oil and couldn't help giggling- I will now wear it with even more intention! Olivia xxx Det David and Dr Lana Love discuss nonviolent communication as a means to reduce destructive behavior, resolve conflicts, build successful personal relationships, and improve our quality of life.