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Bill Calder, adding that there could be more victims.“Some of those images depicted females that had exposed themselves, naked photos of the girls, and they were passing them on to who they thought were friends.

And of course from there the information got to other people and it spread around.”Police have entered into “diversion contracts” with the teens, which are agreements that must be followed in order to prevent criminal charges being laid.

— Three sisters in Ontario are demanding an apology from a police officer who they said stopped the women as they were riding their bicycles topless and told them to cover up.

Alysha Brilla, a Juno-nominated musician and women’s rights advocate, said the incident happened last Friday when she and her two sisters – Tameera and Nadia Mohamed – were biking late in the evening down a quiet street in Kitchener.

A police officer driving by in an SUV saw the women, rolled down his window and told them they needed to put shirts on because it was the law, Brilla said.

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WATCH ABOVE: Durham police are investigating a “sexting” case involving the sharing of an explicit photo of a young girl by a number of teens from different high schools in Whitby and Oshawa.

Police say up to 10 teens are said to be involved with a chance there could be more, and as Angie Seth reports, the incident has raised concerns among parents in this tight knit community.

TORONTO — Police are warning teenagers of the dangers of “sexting” after numerous students are facing consequences for sending nude photos to one another.

Durham Regional Police (DRPS) said a parent reported that nude photos of her child’s female classmate were being circulated by a male classmate in November.

Police said up to 10 teenagers, aged 13 to 15, had allegedly been involved with the sharing of nude photos at several different schools in Durham Region.

READ MORE: ‘Sexting’ risks part of Ontario’s revised sex ed curriculum“We launched the investigation after learning that there were some very disturbing images being passed between students at different schools between Oshawa and Whitby,” said DRPS Sgt.