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Every day, thousands of Britons share their ideas and tips on food, fashion, money-saving hints and other lifestyle interests through their blogs.

He started his newsletter blog in 2003, sent to friends and families, and in 2012 sold the resulting website to for a cool £87m.Ms Wallin, who has a background in marketing, posts on her blog once a week, combining it with part-time paid work and childcare.She said: "I don't think you can make huge sums on blogging.Maybe years ago, when bloggers were rare, it was possible to make lots of money, but not now.Brands are more savvy about the power of blogging these days: if you set up a beauty blog, for example, you're just one of many, so in marketing terms why are they going to advertise on your site?

You're not unique." Banner advertisements (across the top of your home page) are rare.

More common is affiliate marketing - you earn a fee via an agency from a company if someone buys its products after clicking through from your site.

A study from affiliate marketing agency Optimus Performance Marketing found that the typical lifestyle blogger could earn more than £900 a year from affiliate marketing on a blog.

The blogs that make the most money Optimus surveyed 1,723 UK lifestyle bloggers who made money from affiliate sales and commission.

Those involved in fashion and beauty (the most popular lifestyle blog topics) earned more than those in other sectors.

Fashion bloggers typically earned £1,116 a year and beauty bloggers, £1,044 from affiliate marketing.