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Country and western singer Garth Brooks no longer feels welcome in Ireland, says mediator Kieran Mulvey.Labour Relations Commission chief executive Mr Mulvey, who was mediator for talks between Croke Park residents and GAA/Croke Park, said negative commentary made following his statement he would play “five or none at all” had made Brooks feel unwelcome.“He’s a human being, a country western singer-he’s not a diplomat,” Mr Mulvey said.

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“Are we going to be part of this world tour is a big question mark.

I wouldn’t be putting any bets on it one way or another,” Mr Mulvey said. ” Mr Mulvey said Peter Aiken, owner of the Aiken Promotions who applied for the licence for the five concerts, is flying to meet Garth Brooks in the US today to try convince him to play three concerts.

“There are some things that are best in a face-to-face basis,” Mr Mulvey said.

“All his effort is concentrated on getting him to come here for three days.” “Some of the commentary made about Garth have been totally unfair and are not helping the situation.” “Mr Mulvey said the legal case taken by a resident against all five concerts would be another deterrent for Brooks to come play in Ireland. Sometimes I wonder where is the common sense in all this.

“This has attracted an extraordinary amount of adverse publicity in the music industry in the US, which is a massive industry.

Our competitors will use this to bring the concerts to their countries.” It is understood a ship full of Brooks equipment left the port in the US headed for Ireland yesterday but may yet be turned back.

Promoter Peter Aiken said he had expected Brooks to make a final decision later today.

According to the magazine’s sources, the 27-year-old East is an avid hunter and has been dating Miranda for about a month.

The two will supposedly be ringing in the New Year together, and the source says, “They are really enjoying each other’s company.”“She couldn’t have picked a better dude to have fun with,” reports an East friend.

I had just turned 23 and I had been dating Christopher, now my husband, for just two weeks when he invited me to join him for a week on the farm, where he was born and raised and where he still kept a home.

This was a big step for a young woman just out of college, to go to a foreign country with a successful artist 15 years her senior.