Murders from internet dating

The filing against him may have pushed Wiesner over the edge, and by August 2010, Wiesner snapped.

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Wiesner ended up not taking his chances with a trial, but instead took a plea in August 2015, admitting to second-degree murder and one count of second degree burglary, the Daily Courier said.

Wiesner will not see the light of freedom anytime soon; he’s now serving 22 years in prison.

2) VICTIM: Ashley Pegram, 28 HOW SHE DIED: Homicidal violence It was April 3, 2015, when 28-year-old Ashley Pegram went on a date with a guy she met on the dating app Meet Me.

Ok Cupid claims to set up 30,000 first dates every single day.

The Washington Post reports that while plenty of people go on dates that are less than stellar, complaints about dangerous meetups are extremely rare.

They do happen, though — and when they do, they make national headlines.

Through no fault of their own, these five victims ended up on Internet dates from hell that ultimately ended their lives.

VICTIM: Lorraine Long, 62 HOW SHE DIED: Abducted and shot Lorraine Long had love on her mind.

Her son said that, after her husband passed away, she was convinced the only way to meet someone was through online dating. According to ABC 15, the 62-year-old met a man she wanted to spend time with.

It didn’t take long for 57-year-old Robert Wiesner to sweep her off her feet, but things took a turn for the worse rather quickly.

Long’s family says shortly into their relationship she had to file a restraining order against Wiesner.