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He even goes to the point of verification and profiling of its members background.

The Huff/Post50 team and its post-50 Facebook fans had a lot to say when we started comparing our dating horror stories.

What have YOU encountered that made you want to run for the exit? We hate it when our date: Some 70 percent of men and 59 percent of women age 55+ are willing to date people of other faiths, according to the survey by the online dating site Our

It's much more important to the younger men: Just 56 percent of those 18 to 34 would date someone of a different religion.

Religion was much more important to folks in the West and South than the Northeast.

When signing up with an online dating service, the last thing you want to do is repel potential companions.

Online dating turnoffs are a common occurrence with new online daters who quickly write their profiles or “I’m interested” emails on a whim without mental preparation.To avoid this happening, we have provided this article to warn new users of the most common Online Dating Turnoffs.Some of the most common online dating turnoffs are the same ones you’d come across in offline dating, but since most everything is done through textual conversation, there are a few more online dating turnoffs to avoid.If you come off sounding like you are pisses off at the entire world.For instance, you want to kill your ex, you hate your job, you’re upset with your family, there are problems in your home, nothing ever goes your way, etc.This kind of negative attitude is a major online dating turnoff.