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It used to be that teachers had to get together at conferences to share their expertise, their lesson plans, their ideas and opinions, their best practices, and their questions.

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But in-depth conversations are beginning to take center stage now, too: regularly scheduled, hour-long, focused conversations that allow teachers to prepare their thoughts ahead of time, alert colleagues, and then deepen and detail their understanding of a certain topic through real-time discussion and debate.

Twitter chats are the solution to teachers’ familiar complaint that Twitter can’t sustain conversations, that Twitter networks too often provide disjointed streams of consciousness that can’t develop or sustain meaning.

If you’ve ever tweeted a question only to hear back sporadically from your network over the course of a day or two, and then see the comments begin to track into unrelated areas, Twitter chats are for you. As with any social media, there are some outliers in any Twitter chat who don’t stay on-topic or, even worse, spam the discussion with ads.

But these negative voices tend to fall away quickly after the first few minutes, and the discussion focuses intently on the topic at hand as teachers talk frankly about their experiences and opinions.

Take a look at the examples in this post and do some investigating on your own to find Twitter chats that speak to you, and get involved in a conversation that matters to you.

Also check out these two articles to learn more about useful twitter chats for teachers. ): Twitter Chats: An Hour Well Worth Your Time by Pete De Witt, Education Week 13 Great Twitter Chats Every Educator Should Check Out by Susan Bearden, The Journal analytical skills Arts biology chemistry classroom activities classroom discussions climate change Common Core critical thinking skills discipline literacy Earth geography global warming high school History immigration Journey North language arts lesson plans literacy Literature math mathematics middle school multicultural literature music neuroscience oceans Physics poetry primary sources professional development reading Science science lessons slavery Social Studies statistics Students Teacher Appreciation Teaching the brain U. Depending on your needs, there are a variety of ways to contact the Salt Lake City Police Department.If your inquiry is not an emergency, please consider using one of the following methods of contact.You may only register individuals who live in Salt Lake City.The information will be entered into our database for use by emergency responders only.To learn more about Invisible Disabilities—Interacting with Law Enforcement, click here.