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According to this video from Buzzfeed's Joseph Bernstein, even when you turn off all parental settings, Xbox One's voice controls will not recognize the names of porn sites.

This product image released by Microsoft shows the new Xbox One entertainment console that will go on sale later this year.

Microsoft is seeking to stay ahead of rivals in announcing that new content that can be downloaded for the popular "Call of Duty" game will launch first on Xbox One.

A Play Station 4 owner used the system's new live-streaming feature to share his drunk, presumably unconscious wife's breasts with an online gaming community for roughly 15 minutes, according to Game Revolution. This is then broadcast not on the boob tube but through the live video streaming platform Twitch. The couple was drinking while sitting on their couch, but everything went south after she passed out.

It allows Play Station Camera owners to shoot full screen scenes of their entire living room.

The couple, known online as Darckobra, recorded themselves with a pre-installed app for the game system known as Playroom.

The Play Station 4, Sony's new gaming console, has a camera that can be used to record gamers while they play.

But after only two weeks on sale, the PS4 is already being used to broadcast sex sessions with the virtual-reality game "The Playroom," which lets gamers share feeds of their living rooms through a video platform called Twitch.

Over the weekend, a man who goes by Darckobra used "The Playroom" to share a feed of him drinking with his wife, according to the game site Game Revolution.

When she passed out, the man undressed her for the whole world to see.

This horrifying act, which Slate rightfully calls sexual abuse, got Darckobra's Twitch account banned.

When people aren't creating their own sexual content, they may soon be watching porn on their gaming systems.

Pornhub told International Digital Times that it is working on a way for the site to be integrated into the new Play Station.

The porn site is already optimized for the PS4's main rival, Microsoft's Xbox One, according to the site's Twitter: But it doesn't seem like Microsoft wants to play along.