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Some so much that when removed have been known to stress and die. To throw this cat into a “hands off”/”no touch” setting would be the end for this beautiful creature.And as in the case of Ra, some would NEVER do well in a sanctuary setting. Resident Advisor is the leading online electronic music magazine.

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Thousands of artist and label profiles—and even more user-generated event and club listings—have made RA an invaluable resource.With offices in London, Berlin and Tokyo and contributors spanning the globe, RA covers anything and everything that is electronic music-relate.Follow RA on twitter: Or visit RA below: https://These moderate sized cats can jump flat footed 10-12 feet straight up to catch a bird in mid-flight.In fact the ancient Pharoh’s not only worshiped these cats (you can see these cats on Egyptian walls) but had a blood sport where they would have contests to see who’s cat could catch the most birds!

Unfortunately though, this may become more and more frequent.Although not a case where the owner was forced to give up Ra, but it was literally jumping through hoops to keep the license.But I foresee more and more cats being displaced due to more ban laws.When signing petitions, writing your representatives, please look at the big picture.Most of these animals are family members much the same as your dog, cat, bird, horse or what ever your choice of pet may be.A major difference is that the big and lesser cats tend to bond very strongly with their owners.