Rape dating verifying and validating

There has been a rise in reported rapes by strangers who met their victims on online dating websites.

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According to the figures, 85 per cent of the stranger rape victims coming forward relating to online dating were women.Of these, 42 per cent were in their twenties and 24 per cent were in their forties.More than 9 million British people have signed up to dating websites such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Match.com, and the NCA says it isn’t claiming they are inherently dangerous.But they are warning users to take better safety precautions, while stressing victims are never at fault.Rape generally is significantly under-reported, and those attacked by people they meet on dating websites may be less likely to come forward than if it was a stereotypical ‘stranger rape’, Mr Sutton warned.

He said the actual number could be 10 times higher than the 184 figure.Police warned they were seeing a ‘new type of sexual offender’ online who may not have a criminal record.Whereas 84 per cent of people convicted of stranger rapes have previous convictions, where dating sites are involved the figure is much lower at 49 per cent, while the convictions they do have are less severe.A Tinder conversation led to a study break, which led to a beer.I was having an amazing time, but I was also completely preoccupied, thinking about when and how to tell him.When is it ever appropriate to tell a man you’ve just started to date that you’re a rape survivor?