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as we know it, we wanted to make sure that history didn't forget the ten most memorable, watchable, and even a little (embarrassingly) relatable cast members. And the only reason I know half of these names is because I am looking at a Wikipedia of cast who spends a few weeks in the house, realizes he hates everybody, and then spends most of the rest of his time making outside friends.

28 Real World seasons have given us upwards of 200 cast members to choose from. Like remember Kelley from New Orleans, who married Scott Wolf? Simon, despite my massive crush on him way back when, is out. If these famewhores really did succeed in getting everything they wanted out of life, we’d know.

Our very scientific process for choosing the ten best of all time involved us sitting down, jotting down five names apiece, one of us flagrantly cheating, and then staring at our ultimate Top 10 list and wondering if we've made huge mistakes. She was basically living at her boyfriend’s house (not Scott Wolf, not yet) for like half that season. As for the rest of my honorable mentions, I want to include some of the guys who I did think were pretty interesting. You’re asking for some deep internet research here. Like that guy on will be left on my cutting-room floor.

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) tend to be boring and don’t have flashy story lines (when they do have story lines, it usually involves sleeping with another cast member). One of his storylines was that he was just sleeping and being lazy. Or if Mike the race car driver from London had become [name of super-famous Indy car driver that I can’t come up with]. ”—ultimately, the cast members I fell in love with when I was 13 don’t compare to the cast members I fell in love with at ages 16-18.

That’s just on here because he is and always will be the most beautiful man this show has ever seen. Yes, and there was also the stuff about his groundbreaking TV relationship.

Danny made TV history for being the first man to ever openly date a man with Blurryface. Yes, it was "boring" and didn't have huge brawls and the closest it got to romance was Kat crushing on Neil for a few weeks until he got his tongue bitten off and his goth girlfriend mailed him a pig's heart with a nail in it for Valentine's Day. What's crazy is that Sharon was like 20 years old when they filmed this season, and she already had this lived-in music career where she'd go and sing with her musician friends on the side and was just very chill and cool. (1998): Okay, yes, it's technically cheating to pick two cast members and put them in the same slot.

Neil was fantastic, by the way, and probably should have made my list, but he made fun of American football so them's the breaks. And then she'd go home and get made fun of for talking too much or monopolizing the phone (R. But how could anybody separate these two inseparable BFFs?

(One thousand dollars says these two now speak twice a year, maximum.

I would love to be wrong.) One of the weird fantasies I had watching this show as a teen was that I would of course one day be on it and have wonderful and silly conversations about sex and life and politics while chain-smoking on my couch made of shag carpeting, and that fantasy 100% emerged from wanting to be best friends with Janet and Lindsay.

What I remember about Pedro were his eyebrows, that fuzzy voice, and 11-year-old me thinking, "that's what a gay person looks like." And I actually thought he was sort of whiny, hard-headed, and wasn't that great of a communicator. There's a tendency to remember that season as with a bit of nostalgia and sometimes it skews toward the canonization of Saint Pedro.

That isn't entirely fair to Zamora, who wanted to (and did) show the world that LGBT people aren't any better or worse, more or less flawed, or any more right or wrong than their straight counterparts. The ringleaders of the opposing cliques were Susan Sarandon doppelgänger Montana, and Kameelah.

Casting Kameelah, a Stanford student at the time, was brilliant—not just because she could eloquently talk about things like Affirmative Action, but because she could more than hold her own against Montana.

If Montana went unchecked, Boston would have turned into a Montana Vlog.

Montana had so much power that she convinced cast members that her boyfriend's name, though spelled "Vaj" was pronounced like "VAWJ" instead of female genitalia. Montana was kind of insufferable in that twentysomething way where everything is this huge drama and nothing is her fault.