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I havent met a whole lot of Hockey Personalities in my time but here is a list of the guys I met and how they were. For a lifelong Habs fan like good old Spaz, it must have been disappointing for Gainey to be such a jerk. Gainey, if you're reading this, please phone Spaz and apologize.

He's not as bombastic as he seems on TV and actuall I had an intellectual conversation with him and then got a nice picture. (Its funny he claimed Hull wasnt on that team, I wasnt going to argue, lol) Bobby Hull - Met him twice as well. Maurice Richard - I hate to admit it but when I met the "Rocket" he was fierce towards me. It doenst change what I think of him but I guess it showed what it was like to play against him. Dutifully, Spaz and I waited only to see the jackass bolt like a rabbit for the dressing room. Gainey when me and Spaz caught him and made him make good on his word. He said it was because of the WHA he was in, even though Hull was on the team. Spent the entire night of an oldtimers game signing autographs. I acutally told him I read his book he wrote (I didnt but I ran out of things to say) he was really excited when I said that. About 1981 at an exhibition game in Halifax, Bob Gainey told me and my friend Spaz to come back as the period ended, he'd give us our autographs then. I asked him last time I met him as to why he thinks that he wasnt asked to go to the 1976 Canada Cup. What are your stories that you have from any bad/good experiences you have from meeting Hockey stars?a famous mystery novelist and divorced father raising his teenage daughter.The show has been successful for the past five season and all the cast has gotten along well.

That all stopped this season and there is trouble brewing behind the scenes.Nathan who is the main character has been having male diva fits and tantrums. It seems Nathan is not pleased that his co-star Stana Katic who plays NYPD Detective is getting too much attention and more importantly too much air time.In season six of Castle we saw a change from the previous seasons, rather than the show being focused on Castle the show has been focusing on Stana’s character, Beckett.That got Nathan’s panties in a twist and he put the brakes on the situation fast.He knows how out-of-control things can get if you don’t stop them.English Solutions can provide Indonesian schools with professional advice on teaching techniques; give information to increase the English ability of their teachers and structure effective English learning programs.