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If you're using Skype on a Windows desktop and your messages are appearing out of order, there's a solution: downgrade to an earlier version.

You're not alone in seeing some newer chat messages appear above older ones, which makes following conversations a little tricky: people have been complaining about it over the Christmas break.

The trouble seems to have started after version of Skype for Windows was released this month.

"Sorry to hear that some of you are still seeing their chat messages sorted incorrectly in the currently latest Skype version 7.17 for Windows desktop," Skype community manager Claudius Henrichs said just a few hours ago in the support forums.

"Our engineers have been working to create an updated Skype version to address this.

This update is currently undergoing verification and quality tests before we can share it with you.

Thanks for your patience." While Microsofties rustle up that bug fix, people affected by the glitch are urged to downgrade to version

Alternatively, you can try using Skype in your browser.