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Website DIY FURNITUREUbyld Pradeep Nair, 40, Denzil D'Souza, 36 and Shobha Nair, 36, were Do-It-Yourself (DIY) urban gardeners who were on a quest for planters, when this business idea struck them.

Ubyld, their year-old e-commerce start-up delivers affordable, upcycled wooden furniture that can be put together using a comprehensive instruction manual and tools provided in a kit that accompanies the furniture.

From as few as 12 furniture items on their website when they first began, Ubyld now has a 100."We want people to know that upcycled wood can be used to make great furniture too. " says Pradeep adding that the pine wood used in their furniture comes from Sweden as packaging material for heavy machinery."It is kiln-dried, heat treated, chemical-free and has already been transported in water.THE FARMER CONNECTJivabhumi Imagine a day when you get all your food supplies delivered to your doorstep from a farmer near you.And you actually know his name, the region and the method he uses to cultivate the rice you eat.

To make this dream a reality is the purpose behind Jivabhumi, a social-impact driven e-commerce startup in the city.In its early stages currently, Jivabhumi deals in dry groceries, oils and spices and has a large network of 1,200 farmers.Set up only six months back by IT professionals Anil Nadig, 39 and Laxminarayan Srinivasaiah, 40, Jivabhumi currently finds it suppliers in small farmers with land holding of less than five acres and farmer's collectives.All of them use either natural or organic farming methods and quality control is according to the standards set by Participatory Guarantee System of India (PGS).Jivabhumi follows a fortnightly cycle where produce is procured from the farmer based on orders and then shipped."In the future, we are looking to introduce fresh produce and a subscription model to ensure a farmer working with us receives an assured monthly income," says Nadig.