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Women noticed and liked it — which set fire to the trend and sent the clippers heading south."I ask every guy at my salon why he came in," Pham says."If he's straight, it's always, always to make his pubic area more…appetizing…to his girlfriend or women in general."Doing It in the Privacy of a Locked Bathroom According to our poll, most dudes take a DIY approach to hair removal.

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"I figure lots of women are using it to shave their pubic hair, so it's probably the best thing for that," he explains. Going Pro While they're still in the minority, more men are putting themselves in the hands of a professional these days, say salon owners.

He starts with his groin area and works up to his chest and back. Martha Frankel, author of , interviewed several manscapers across the country while writing her book.

"The most common procedure, the pros told me, is to get the balls and the hair between there and the back door waxed off—in addition to their chests and backs," she says. Of course, style tastes vary, and some dudes like it more subtle.

Seven years ago, guys would have teased the hell out of any dude who manicured his body hair. Even your average Joe likes to trim the hedges on a regular basis.

In fact, when we teamed up with to poll more than 1,000 dudes about their guy-grooming habits, a whopping 95 percent admitted to manscaping.

And they're not just doing minimal maintenance here."Men who have a hairy back or chest definitely want to tame it with clippers or totally wax it off," says Jane Pham, owner of Ted D. "But what I've really seen exploding recently is below-the-belt cleanup."Men go as far as to say it's weird when they find out one of their buddies prune his pubic hair."On a spring-break trip with my boys, I noticed that one guy in our group had what looked like a bush that was trying to escape from his swim trunks," says Tunde, 27."I told him to look around at the rest of us — no one else had anything like that going on.By the next day, he had shaved."So What Got Guys Grooming?As it became okay for men to wear things like designer jeans and use high-end lotions and gels, they started to tend more to their body hair.