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For the most part the scenery is grim and industrial in the section now described, but once past the Thames Barrier you can enjoy a view of London that is unequalled.Not exacty pilotage, but this video from Dylan Winter will give you a good feel for this part of the Thames If you find our free coverage of Thames 1, from Holehaven to the Thames Barrier useful, why not consider joining up ?Membership costs £25 for life, and you can download all our harbour coverage and official "Big Ship" sailing directions in PDF form to keep offline.

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Membership is a great tool for those who move around at sea.Find out more, Contact details for the marinas are given later, and you can telephone the Thames Barrier Control on 020 8855 0315 to check.The link below gives details of Thames Barrier closures this summer (205):https://co.uk/assets/6of2016Unless you have an extremely fast motorboat (speed is unrestricted in this stretch), you will have to plan to use the tides for this 40 mile plus passage.Solent Channel East North Kent, inc Swale and Medway Thames and Estuary East Coast North East England East and North Scotland West Scotland and North of Ireland Wales, NW England, Io MEast and South of Ireland Bristol Channel Channel, West Browse All Harbours It is heavily in use by commercial traffic, including large ships, and anyone contemplating making their way to London by boat needs to thoroughly familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations for avoidance of collisions.It is around 40 miles from the entrance of the Medway or Hole Haven to London, and with a bit of planning it can be accomplished on one tide.

It is worth noting that once committed to making the passage there aren't really any sheltered places to bring up at anchor...It is also very wise to pre book your berth at one of the marinas in London before starting out, as they can often fill up.This article covers most of this trip and describes what you're likely to encounter on the way.It takes you as far as the Thames Barrier, and in this particular stretch there are possible mooring options at Gravesend and at Gallions Point Marina in the Beckton area of East London, as well as an Anchorage possibility in the area of Mucking Flats, which is quite close to Hole Haven.A separate article covers from the Thames Barrier up to Tower Bridge and includes the four London marinas.Progress for masted vessels terminates in the region of Tower Bridge, but motorboats can carry on and find many further facilities up to the locks at Teddington and beyond.