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From my blog it appeared that a few others were experiencing the same situation where Bank of America representatives did not know the next steps with Equator or how to make the short sale proceed forward.

They are the chosen platform for 17 of the top 25 lenders nationwide and have handled over 63 million transactions that represents over billion in transactions.

For Bank of America they have spent almost 8 months building a Bank of America Short Sale Portal.

If you click the link you will see the Bank of America Short Sale Processing System.

I am sure you are all thinking that I am in outer space mentioning nirvana and Bank of America Short Sales in the same sentence.

But before you think I am crazy, I did have a most enlightening day on Monday that led me to believe that maybe…just maybe…we can achieve short sale nirvana.

My day started as a normal Monday usually does in Northwest Florida…phone calls, emails, more phone calls and a hurricane (Ida) looming hundreds of miles away.

As I was going through my voice-mails, I had message from a gentlemen at Equator (formerly REOTrans.com) asking to speak with me.

I immediately called the number back with my mind racing as to why I would be receiving a call from Equator…was it the numerous blog posts on Bank of America Short Sales and the new Equator relationship or just someone wanting to speak with me about the account I have with them.

I called the number and gentlemen by the name of Chris answered the phone.

Once we got past introductions it was clear Chris was very interested in learning what my understanding was of the Equator and Bank of America relationship as it pertains to short sales.

I explained how I had a few short sales transitioned from the Bank of America system to the Equator system and it appeared there was a disconnect as to what was the next step would be in the short sale process.