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You can then update your profile and change fields for interests, messages, about, location, marital status etc.You should add photos regularly, this helps you get more responses and hits.Use photos that have clear head shots as this encourages more profile views, messages and successful matches!

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You can also add photos by clicking on the Media button beside the Home button and adding photos to an album.The more interests you add up, the greater your chances of finding more people who like the same things. Add interests in the My Interests box at the bottom of the Edit Profile page.Chat with members who are online at the same time by sending them an IM.To find members, click on the Members button beside the Home button at the top right hand corner of your screen.Also click on New Members or Popular Members to search for new and popular members from your profile.

Without logging in you can browse members according to their stories by using the Stories button found at the top of the Members page.

Also find online members by clicking Online on the Members page.

You can also search for members according to their usernames by typing it in the Search page.

Click on Search from the Members page to open the Search page.

Also search for new or popular members by using the New Members or Popular Members buttons from your profile.

Click on the Edit Profile button beside the Home button from your profile to open the profile update page.