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We are deeply saddened by the news that our member, colleague, and friend Ben “bushing” Byer passed away of natural causes on Monday, February 8th. He was a mentor to many, and an inspiration to us all. Many of you knew him as one of the public faces of the i Phone Dev Team, Team Twiizers and fail0verflow. Outspoken but never confrontational, he was proof that even in the competitive and oftentimes aggressive hacking scene, there is a place for both a sharp mind and a kind heart.

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Since I did not want to keep a separate partition with Windows on it for the sole purpose of running i Tunes, I attempted to install It using Wine.

I installed Wine 1.4 from the Software Center and installed i Tunes 10.6.3.

When I tried to run it I got a slew of error messages.

I hopped over to google where it was suggested that I install it through Play On Linux. Further googling revealed that i Tunes 10.6.x is confirmed to work with Wine 1.5.1 and up.

I installed Wine 1.5.1 following the instructions I found and was unable to get it to open. I opened the Package Manager and installed the Wine 1.5.9 packages through it, and it appears to have installed properly.

When trying to install i Tunes I got he error "This i Tunes installer requires Windows Vista 64 bit or later".Realizing that Wine uses XP as a default I ran winecfg and changed it to Windows 7.This changed nothing and I tried changing it through winetricks to no avail. Does anyone know what is going wrong here and how to fix it?Thanks , it won't work like it would say on a Mac or Windows set up.Rythmbox and many Linux media players (from personal experience) will be able to snyc and play your songs without a problem.The best option for you is to install Virtualbox and install Windows your guest OS, i Tunes should install and work your i Phone.