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Small kitchens are much more popular in contemporary living spaces than big ones. For some people who aren’t cook often that’s fine but for those who like to cook that might become a problem.

They usually have a bunch of appliances, tableware and other tools that they are using often.

These tools usually occupy a lot of space so when space is at a premium the kitchen should be really designed well.

If you need more ideas here are 25 small kitchen design ideas and 10 cool compact kitchen units that you might be interested in.

Most cooks appreciate every scrap of storage space allotted to their kitchen, big or small, urban or suburban.

Some of us let the kitchen spill out into other spaces in the home (remember how David Lebovitz kept his ice cream maker under the bed ? I recaptured an inefficient coat closet and turned it into a cheery little pantry — one of my all-time most useful kitchen projects!

Packing all your kitchen goods together in a pantry like this can really streamline your organizing and post-grocery shopping routine.

Here are 10 more inspiring examples of pantries — not all of them small, but each with a smart takeaway for small spaces.

Not all of these pantries are tiny, and not all of them are in especially small kitchens, but I chose them because I thought each had something interesting to demonstrate for small kitchens and pantries, too.

Homebuilders have long known that old, unattractive kitchens and bathrooms are the reason for many homeowners desiring a "trade-up" to a new home.

However, more and more homeowners have decided to stay in their current houses and remodel obsolete areas of their living space.

Up-to-date kitchens also bring better prices when houses are put on the market.

It is axiomatic in the real estate business that a modern kitchen is the one feature above all others that enhances the resale value of a property.

With enough space and a big enough bankroll, you may be tempted to pick one of everything for a kitchen remodeling, like a child in a candy shop. Many can run a broad range from approximately ,000 to ,000.