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Unlike my built in webcam this thing works fine in the dark. It comes with Windows drivers only, and I'm assuming it works well with Windows as well.Keep in mind the fact that in the dark you will appear to be black and white but more like shades of green. Adjusting the webcam is easy and takes all of a minute. I have a built in webcam but it doesn't work once the lights go out. It is well supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Has USB and audio plugs, so the built-in microphone works as a normal microphone and not USB audio (unlike other newer cameras).

My wife owns one and the picture quality is excellent. Other reviews stated that they liked the camera and it does the job.

Well it does work as a web cam, but not as a good one.

The coloration on this camera i would say is poor (black sometimes shows as baby blue).

And it is also blurry, doesn't focus well even when it is adjusted.

It does come with a program that includes fun frames that you can use while webcaming.

But other than that, i wish i spent a bit more for a better camera.I was scrolling through amazon and thought about getting a webcam.I chose this webcam not only because of the price but because of all it offered(night vision and microphone).I have used it only a few times but it seems cool to me.I am still learning and trying to figure out all the features but I think it is a good webcam.Some may say the picture is not all that great but it is good for me.