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It dawned on me the other day that I’ve been single for nearly an entire year. But just like I did during high school summer breaks, I always have a long “to-do” list of things I want to accomplish during my single-dom. I’ve also downloaded, deleted and re-downloaded Tinder more times than I can count. Why have I been so reluctant to spend real quality time with, well… The most important relationship you have is with yourself, and just like dating is the process of getting to know someone new – their interests, hobbies, favorite bands and foods – it was time to get to know who Ali, SWF, was. What I have done, though, is make a pretty good dent in my couch, and subscribe to Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu Plus.

I brought up this concern to my friend Laura, who gave me a great idea: .Sure, she might have had to leave early because her unexplained fear of earthquakes drove her from her seat on the third story mezzanine towards the end of the second act. In honor of the very special occasion of dating myself, I decided to take me out to dinner at the fine establishment of “le California Pizza Kitchen” to have one of my favorite meals, the Pear and Gorgonzola pizza.But I was so taken by the idea, and startled that I found this courageous, that I was sold. I typically resist the urge to eat pizza because I don’t understand the serving size. For me, pizza for dinner means I JUST ATE A WHOLE ENTIRE PIZZA AND AM PROBS STILL A LITTLE BIT HUNGRY, DID SOMEONE JUST MENTION FRO-YO?! Date Two: Buy expensive (okay fine, medium priced) lingerie that no one but you will see.The idea of dating myself had never crossed my mind. Here are a few things I did, and you can do, when you think it’s about time you learn to settle down with yourself. Indulge in your favorite comfort food, fully, unabashedly and without regrets. How much pizza is one human supposed to eat in one sitting? I feel all sorts of sensual when I am wearing a lingerie set under my clothes, and no one else knows it. I’ve become far too accustomed to wearing ripped, ill–fitting bras every day, and underwear that may or may not have the occasional period stain on it.Myself and I had tons in common, not to mention I think I am very pretty and have a pretty bodacious rack. So, I decided it was time to give my intimates drawer a little TLC.

Myself and I like all the same kinds of food (hate Indian), music (secretly love Matchbox 20) and movies (horror, and anything Tyler Perry). And no, this did not mean shopping the Elle Macpherson bra sale on Groupon—although that was a great deal and I did it anyway.

I was going to get my butt out of bed and love on my curves in the fluorescent mirrors of Victoria Secret. But I did make mocktails, put on my Hello Kitty onesie and dance to grimy rap around my tiny one bedroom apartment. I was going to spend the entire day exploring the nooks and crannies I had always been curious about: hiking trails, Chinatown, that Indie bookstore in Los Feliz, the Mexican Marketplace at Olvera Street.

If only for a day, relinquish any and all insecurities about yourself. It turns out, if left to my own devices, I can do a mean body roll. There were food trucks to be eaten from, gardens to gaze at, lattes to drink at coffee shops that were way too cool for me, and museums to wander aimlessly through.

Appreciate your body, no matter the shape or size, and luxuriate in the beauty that is you. This is one of my favorite things to do, and I do it regularly.

I get to see the kinds of movies that no one else will see with me—10am matinee of a Tyler Perry movie, anyone?

Put on sweatpants, grab your favorite soda, chow down on nachos with a side of jalapenos and get real comfy with yourself in the theater.