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Controversial Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night after the season premiere and a viewer tweeted Andy to comment that they thought Kenya could be pregnant because she was constantly covering up her tummy. Do you think Kenya is pregnant or just stirring up controversy?Kenya, who is still dating her “African Prince” gushed to Andy that she was as “happy as ever.” Kenya, who always likes to keep people on their toes, responded to the pregnancy question, saying, “I got that question the other day as well because I had on a loose top.” “I didn’t really respond,” Kenya coyly tells Andy when he asked what she said when she was asked the same question. In fact, the reality star admits that she hasn’t always been lucky in love.

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“The alpha males that are stars or athletes, they have no problem asking me out.It’s the average man or business man who thinks that they need to be this billionaire guy, this famous person, to ask you out.That’s the issue I’ve always had being in the public eye.” That certainly can’t be easy, but Kenya did share that there is one special someone in her life currently.“I have always had a man in my life since I started the show,” she said. However, Kenya kept mum on whether we’d get a glimpse of the fella on the new season of ] then Real Housewives of Atlanta to see if that’s the same guy or not! Of course, before she left, we had to ask Kenya if she had any tips for others struggling in the dating game. “I’ll tell you where I meet a lot of guys – the hardware store! “There are the finest guys in those hardware stores.I’ve taken double takes.” We will definitely keep that in mind the next time we’re in need of a hammer!

: I am a very forgiving person, and it was easy for me to accept Cynthia’s apology. Were you surprised things were a little rocky between Matt and the other guys?

This was just a bump in the road in our friendship.

: One of the reasons I’ve been hesitant to bring someone I’m dating around this group is because they are unpredictable, and you never know how anyone will treat them.

Matt is a very sweet and easy going man, but be very clear he is not a punk.

The men were clearly being disrespectful and rude to him which sent him into defense mode.

Side note: All single black men under 30 don’t have five babies and five baby mamas. I’m proud of Matt for not losing his cool and walking away. Peter can learn a few things from Matt, despite his age.