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Dabackup is a directadmin integrated backup plugin.

The plugin comprises of both compressed and incremental backups, transferred to a local storage location or to a remote storage location via ssh. Backups can be restored in any directadmin server with/without the help of dabackup tools.

Direct Admin has some massive disadvantages, as well.

One of the issues with this control panel is the lack of plugins.

It’s not as easy to customize and doesn’t support nearly what Plesk can support, so you have to weight the pros and cons.

Plesk provides excellent support, automation and allows PHP and Pearl scripts.

You can access everything through a remote computer and many of the plugins come pre-installed.

Plesk, is also cheaper than many other choices out there and supports Su SE Linux. Since Plesk isn’t as popular as Direct Admin, it’s harder to find resources to help with the different features.One of the major disadvantages of Plesk is the easy-of-use. You may be wondering why you need one control panel over the other.If you’re new to the world of hosting, the advantages of using an easy to navigate control panel are numerous.Finding the right features and options quickly can make a huge difference.This can help you complete the tasks necessary to set up your website faster.If you’re constantly searching for the right options, it can be difficult to get your website looking and working the way you prefer.